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Mazak/Mitsubishi Parts

FR-SE / SF Spindle controller parts 
FR-SE and FR-SF spindle controllers commonly used on Mazak T-2, T-32, M-2, M-32 controlled machines.
We come to you and repair onsite or send your complete drive for repair and testing on our test rig. See our services page for information on our test rig.

  TRA, MR-S1, MR-S11 Servo drives 
TRA, MR-S1, MR-S11 Servo drives, commonly used on Mazak T-2, T-32, M-2, M-32 controlled machines. 
Complete units and parts, for repair and exchange of your faulty drive.

All Other Mitsubishi CNC parts available


Mazatrol 14” colour 
14” colour to suit T-2, M-2, T-32, M-32, T-Plus, M-Plus


Mazatrol 12” Amber
12” Amber to suit T-32B, M-32B, T-Plus, M-Plus Amber.

Mazatrol 11” green 
11” green monochrome to suit T-1
  Fanuc sytem 6 green monochrome  9” monochrome to suit Fanuc system 6T, 6M

Fanuc Parts

Fanuc system 6 complete
Fanuc complete system 6 as used on 6TB and 6MB controlled machines. Available on exchange basis.


M type & step 3 & 4 D.C. servo units.                            
M type & step 3 & 4 D.C. servo units. Available on exchange basis.

All other Fanuc parts available with short delivery.

General Electrical Parts

Various electrical parts
SQT-15 C axis Inductosyn, Charmilles Robofil 290/ 500 series lower head contact rollers, memory batteries, fuses, limit switches, proximity switches, turret coolant nozzles, dowel pins, Solid state relays, Cycle start & Feed hold switches.


T-Plus and T-2/ T-32 series Tooleyes. 

Mazatrol T-Plus and T-2/ T-32 series Tooleyes. Most other tool setters/ Q setters used on machine tools available

Various Fans.
Fans for Mazak spindle motors and general CNC electrical cabinets etc. Orix MR18DC, MRS18DUL 200 Volts AC. & swarf covers to suit. 160mm square 100 volt and 200 volt AC. Fans and industrial duty all metal construction 120mm square 200 volt AC. units. Other fans available.

General Mechanical Parts

Hydraulic pump
Hydraulic pump and motor for Mazak QT-15, 18, 28 and various other CNC machines. Re-Engineered and assembled locally to suit the application.
  Lube Corp. parts.
Lube Corp. distributor small common parts in stock. Most Lube Corp. products available
QT-15 / 18 turret shaft 
QT-15 Turret shaft parts, O’ ring seal kits for QT-15, SQT-15 and mark 2 turrets, and 200/ 65 Autoblok chuck cylinders.
  Wiper sets.
Mazak QT-15, 18, 28 wiper sets. Manufactured locally to suit the application including rubber wiper moulded to brass strip. 800mm long strips, just cut, drill and tap. Suitable for Mazak FS6, T-2 & T-32 vintage lathes and FS6, M-1, M-2 & M-32 vintage machining centres. Material wiper pieces ready to fit and heavy duty stainless steel covers to match.